We are an exciting and fresh company who's main aim is to bring fun and enjoyment to learning through play.

The company was founded by Beckie Clifton and her Father Paul Tyrrell in April 2015 as we felt there was something lacking from the current pre-school market which provided something that was both educational, had some structure but also allowed time for free play and of course was fun.  

Why call it Beebops?

There are several reasons for the name, but it is a name Beckie's sister has often called, so she felt it was quite appropriate.  Plus it is a great phonic combination word which Beckie's then 18 month old could easily say.

Its meaning is also very poinent as in music Bebop [Bee-bop] - is a style of Jazz characterised by a fast tempo, Instrumental virtuosity and Improvisation based on the combination of harmonic structure and melody.  

This perfectly describes the aims and objectives of our parent and child interactive classes.  Their fast tempo and high energy enables us to capture the children’s attention and help to develop their concentration, guiding them on the path to school readiness.    Virtuosity is encouraged, giving them an early taste and passion for music and dance and the courage to develop their own abilities and confidence.  Improvisation helps children to develop their imagination and creativity through fun sensory textures, exciting props and percussion instruments.  Our classes are structured to enable repetition, security, develop memory and school readiness.  Finally our children are our ‘melody’.  We aim to help develop happy, confident, healthy children who can with the help of their parent or carer strive towards their own single identity through exploring, exercise, playing and generally having lots of fun with sensory materials, dance and music.

Our motto is ' Learn through Play'.

We would love to welcome you and your little one (or ones) to our classes, so please get in touch and come and join the fun! 

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Registered Office
Beebops Ltd, 
North East Suffolk Business Centre,
Pinbush Road, Lowestoft
Suffolk NR33 7NQ

Registered in United Kingdom 09476295